The TSC 12 years and under badge scheme

The TSC Badge Scheme provides swimmers aged 12 years and under with a fun and rewarding framework within which to measure progress, encourage goal-setting and gain a sense of achievement in their early years of competitive swimming. When gold level is reached, there’s
a good chance that the swimmer is at County level. Times at each level have been set with reference both to County Championship and to ASA Competitive Awards, but in the context of TSC’s current swimmer development profile. All swimmers aged 12 years and under will be included as soon as they become full club members, with specific qualifying times for boys and girls. Badges can be earned in competitions or in TSC time trials. Results will be used to produce updates every two months and, if an award has been earned, news will be posted on the TSC noticeboard and the spreadsheets updated within the Badge Scheme folder also kept on the noticeboard. Further details of how to order badges are available in the Badge Scheme folder. If you have any questions about the scheme, please email