Tewkesbury Swimming Club holds first-ever licensed event

This Saturday, 17th October, is a landmark for Tewkesbury Swimming Club as it will host its first-ever licensed event. The occasion is the TSC Club Championship Blocks, where all the club's swimmers (ages 9-18) will compete against each other to record times that they can use as entry times to galas throughout the country.

Tewkesbury Swimming Club is a volunteer-led club that helps swimmers achieve their potential in swimming. The club has undergone a period of growth and development over the past 18 months that has seen an influx of eager young swimmers. The young, vibrant and dynamic coaching team are now the most qualified that they have ever been, imparting expertise to young athletes. More and more parents are volunteering to become involved and there is now have a large group of trained judges, officials and timekeepers – a crucial requirement to host licensed events.

TSC have recently started two new sections to the club. TSC Masters is aimed at swimmers over 18 who can be coached by ASA-qualified experts to improve their stroke, build fitness, increase stamina or prepare to race in country-wide Masters events. TSC have also started a section for young swimmers aged 7 to 11 who have finished learn-to-swim and would like to improve their stroke technique and build water confidence.

These are exciting times for TSC – this year is the club's 40th anniversary and plans are being made to move into Tewkesbury's new swimming pools when they open in the summer of 2016.