Harry and Sebastien live the Olympic dream!

Two TSC award winners who couldn't attend the presentation evening were experiencing an equally rewarding day at the London Aquatic Centre, host pool for the London 2012 Olympics.

Harry Quiney and Sebastien Barley were racing for their schools in an inter-school competition – and achieved significant success. Harry's contribution was to the Midlands team – he swam a strong third leg in the freestyle relay, making up time against the North of England team, meaning that the last leg swimmer could snatch the win. This resulted in a memory to treasure – a Gold medal presentation on the podium alongside the Olympic pool. 

Sebastien achieved two Silver medals for his school – one for a powerful performance in the individual breaststroke and the other for contributing to his school's freestyle relay.

Harry's proud father, Adrian, said: “Harry may have been selected through his school but we made sure he was clearly supporting the TSC brand when he was poolside. We recognise that the training, support and encouragement offered by our club is what helped Harry to have this great experience.”

Congratulations to Harry and Sebastien on their achievements from everyone at TSC!