Yoga classes for swimmers

Yoga classes for Senior, Advanced and Intermediate squad swimmers start on Sunday 25th January, 11am–12noon, at the Wheatpieces Community Centre.

It is no secret that swimming, and swimming fast, requires a number of different skills and attributes. Flexibility, core strength and focus are vital to a swimmer's optimal performance, and all three of these areas are addressed and improved through yoga.

We have recruited a specialist yoga teacher, Katie, who will run the class. Head Coach Craig Skinner will be in attendance to oversee the session as well as Hayley Brady and Ellie Heeley.

This class will run for 6 weeks. After this time the club will review attendances before deciding on whether we continue to offer yoga, so if swimmers want to try it and experience the benefits, it's best to attend from the start.

Please wear your land training kit. Mats will be provided but if swimmers prefer to bring their own roll-up mat they are very welcome.