TSC launches swimmers' Breakfast Club

As part of TSC's ongoing plan to offer the best coaching and facilities for our swimmers, we would like to announce that, after discussions with Tewkesbury School, the coaches have agreed the setting-up of a Breakfast Club. 

This arrangement gives TSC morning swimmers the opportunity to stay in the water for the full session and arrive in time for registrations.

The Breakfast Club will have its own room which is available every morning, free of charge. Within this room is our own fridge, use of a toaster and a locker. Swimmers are permitted to bring and use their own hair driers and we have access to a plug for laptops, etc. Please net that hair straighteners are not permitted. In due course, we also hope to add extra coaching aids.

TSC swimmers also have access to the gym and tables so any home work can be completed there.

Craig Skinner has offered to supervise this session, however the PE department are also present if there is an emergency or an issue that need resolving. 

The TSC Breakfast Club starts on Monday 15th September.

We hope that this makes both training and school days easier for our morning swimmers. If you have any questions, please email talk2tsc@gmail.com or ask Craig at his convenience.