Tewkesbury Swimming Club AGM

Tewkesbury Swimming Club's committee for the coming year was elected on Monday 24th November AGM and is now comprised of these volunteers:

Chairman: Ellen Heeley

Club Secretary: Amanda Benson

Club Treasurer: Ken Jollans

Welfare Officer: Emma Wilson

Membership Secretary: Saskia Davidson

Communications Officer: Steve Beazer

Workforce Co-ordinator: Dave O'Neill

Competition Secretary: Elaine Pallas

Club Championships Secretary: Fran Pocock

Swim 21 Co-ordinator: Adrian Quiney

County Representative and Honorary President: Allan Clift

Tami Taylor decided not to stand again as Membership Secretary. On behalf of all members of the club, the committee would like to thank Tami for all her hard work during her time on the committee. Saskia Davidson offered to take on Tami's role and was duly elected, so a big welcome to Saskia. Let's all give her our full support in the Membership Secretary role.

Allan Clift, our County Representative, was elected as Honorary Club President during the meeting. Allan is a huge asset to the club – he has a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections across all areas of competitive swimming – and we are proud to acknowledge and reward his 20+ years of valuable service to the club.

Darrell Barnes has stepped forward with an offer of help for the club. Given Darrell's expertise in running sports clubs at a high level, we have co-opted him onto the committee as a Club Development Officer to help ensure that TSC looks to the future, capitalises on opportunities for growth and pursues strategic partnerships.

The role of Team Manager has been removed from the committee as no volunteers stood for election. A few volunteers have offered to share the Team Manager's duties at forthcoming galas and for this we offer our thanks. This does however highlight the need for more volunteers to step forward, so please help if you can. 

Many thanks for all who attended the AGM and for your positive voting.

Your committee will continue to work tirelessly over the next year to ensure that TSC remains a competitive, healthy, safe, friendly swimming club where our children can flourish.