Wondering what to do after learn-to-swim?

The TSC Academy is the next step for younger swimmers

The TSC Academy offers ASA-qualified technique coaching for younger swimmers who have just finished or are about to finish their learn-to-swim programme (typically equivalent to ASA Learn to Swim Framework Stage 7). Sessions are held at the Tewkesbury Leisure Centre learner pool every Tuesday – from 6:30–7:30pm - and aim to build confidence and consolidate stroke techniques. The Academy is led by Karen Bethel, a highly experienced swim instructor who is ably supported by Matt Benson.

TSC Academy swimmers can achieve ASA Learn to Swim Framework Stages 8, 9 and 10, also known as the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework, which is supported by attractive certificates and badges. These awards represent a new opportunity for young swimmers to continue their awards collection. Here's a link to the ASA website where you can read more details about the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework: http://www.swimming.org/go/parents/learn-to-swim

Once a TSC Academy swimmer has completed the ASA Learn to Swim Framework there is no obligation to move into a more advanced TSC squad of swimmers – the decision of what to do next is purely down to the swimmer and his/her parents. However, Karen, the Academy Leader, is willing to offer advice and if the swimmer is showing promise, we would love them to stay and develop further.

Fees for the TSC Academy are £25 per month, payable in advance by standing order.

We would recommend that only swimmers who have achieved Stage 7 in the ASA Learn to Swim Framework or an equivalent apply to join.

TSC Academy Leader, Karen Bethel, instructs young swimmers at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre

TSC Academy Leader, Karen Bethel, instructs young swimmers at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre

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