Calling all adult swimmers!

improve your technique, stamina, endurance – join our masters swimming club!

If you’re age 18+ and would like to be coached by an ASA qualified swim professional to help you become a stronger, faster, more efficient swimmer who can achieve greater distances in the water or race at masters events, Tewkesbury Swimming Club Masters is designed for you.

We welcome all adult swimmers, men and women, aged 18+, and our coach will work with you to help you achieve your individual swimming aims. You will not be expected to swim at the same pace or distance as other swimmers – you will work to your own personal swim programme. We can coach you in all four strokes – freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke – or work to improve your preferred stroke.

Sessions are held at Tewkesbury School pool (Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8am and Sunday 9-10am) and at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre (Tuesday and Friday 7:30-8:30pm). The morning sessions at Tewkesbury School pool are particularly useful for an early morning workout if your employment is close to junction 9 of the M5 in an Ashchurch, Northway or Tewkesbury town centre business.

If you’re a competent swimmer, we can improve you! If you want to compete, we can make you faster! If you tire in the water, we can build your endurance! Our ASA qualified coaches work within the ASA coaching framework to provide top class tuition in a friendly environment.

The benefits of swimming

Even if don't plan on becoming a serious swimmer, swimming with TSC Masters could be a huge boost to your fitness regime. Swimming improves performance at other sports because it aids stamina, strength, flexibility and co-ordination, especially in football, rugby and netball. Swimming helps runners by increasing their lung capacity. Many people who didn't previously consider sport find that, much to their surprise, swimming is perfect for them. This is because swimming is like no other sport – you only find out that you're great at it once you try!

What are the costs?

Your first swim with TSC Masters is completely FREE – we just ask that you let us know in advance of your plan to swim with us.

We offer a variety of highly competitive price packages to suit the needs of every swimmer:

To help you decide whether swimming with TSC Masters is right for you…

• Pay-as-you-go for just £5.50 per coached session – pay the coach upon arrival.

• A five session taster – £25 (equates to £5 per coached session), giving you one month to decide whether to join on a monthly payment plan. Pay the coach upon arrival for your first session.

Should you then choose to join the club, you can choose from these monthly payment plans:

• Coached once a week – £18 per month (4 sessions – £4.50 per coached session), payable by monthly standing order.

• Coached 2+ sessions a week – £30 per month (if you attend sixteen sessions during the month you will pay the equivalent of £1.87 per coached session), payable by monthly standing order.

All prices are inclusive of coaching and pool time.

Once you join the club on a monthly payment plan you will be asked to pay a compulsory annual ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) and TSC membership fee – this costs either £15 per year for non-competitive swimmers (CAT 1) or £30.80 per year for those swimming at competitions (CAT 2). You will then be a member of both the ASA and TSC.

10% discount for concessions

To encourage young adults to continue with sport, we offer a 10% discount on monthly fees for sixth form students and college students who present a valid NUS card. We also offer the same 10% discount for senior citizens. Please note that the TSC and ASA Membership fee is not subject to a 10% discount.

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