How to join TSC

The first stage of joining Tewkesbury Swimming Club is to attend a free trial assessment for you and the coaching staff to see if you’re ready to participate. We’ll look to see if you are competent in at least two swim strokes. At this stage we only look for potential! Please email the club via our 'Request an assessment' form to arrange a suitable date. 

The second stage is to start a trial period. This can last for five or 10 sessions, depending upon the swimmer – some swimmers want to join the club after five sessions, some need 10 sessions to acclimatise. You’ll participate in swimming club training, attending once or twice a week, as our coaches see fit. During this time you’ll receive swimming instruction that will enable you to decide if you’d like to continue and become a member of a competitive swimming club. You can join the club at any time, but September is the beginning of the recognised ‘swimming year’. 

If you have any questions about Tewkesbury Swimming Club, please contact the club via email –, or chat with a committee member at either Tewkesbury Leisure Centre or Tewkesbury School pool. Committee members are always happy to advise parents of children who are considering joining TSC.