Tewkesbury Swimming Club's committee:

Chair: Ellen Heeley

Honourary President & County Co-Ordinator: Allan Clift

Treasurer: Darrell Barnes

Secretary: Tami Taylor

Welfare Officer: Jenny Burton & Adrian Quiney   talk2tscwelfareofficer@gmail.com

Swim Mark: Mark Stather

Competitions Secretary: Elaine Pallas   tsccompetitions@gmail.com

Membership Secretary: Laura Vaughn

Workforce Coordinator: Club Championship Secretary: Fran Pocock

Team Manager: Mark Perkins. talk2tsctm@gmail.com

Officials Co-ordinator: Dave O'Neill

Club Kit: Ellen Heeley & Fran Osborne

Fundraising: Sue Osborne

Please feel free to approach any committee member with questions, suggestions or feedback. The committee are all working for the benefit of every swimmer and the good of the club, so please offer your input.

Tewkesbury Swimming Club's coaching team:

Head Coach

Andy Osborne  (L3 Coach)

Lead Coaches:

Academy Leader: Karen Bethel

Academy Teaching assistant: Matthew Benson (L1 Teacher)

Junior Squad: Vicki Clift (L2 Teacher, L1 Coach)

Development Squad: Saskia Davidson (L2 Teacher, L1 Coach)

Intermediate Squad: Chris Walsh (L2 Coach, L2 Teacher, L2 Tri Coach):

Performance Squad: Christian Heeley (L1 Coach)

Coaching Assistants:

Mark Perkins (L2 teacher):

Shevaun Pocock (L1 Teacher):

Darrell Barnes (L1 Coach):

Chris Graffin (L2 Teacher):

Laura Quiney (L1 Teacher):

Laura Tolley (L1 Teacher):

Eli Gibney (L1 teacher):

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dan Bennett (L2 S&C)