Club Championships Rules

(Held Under ASA Technical Laws)

Updated May 2017

1    Entry forms for all events to be returned to the competition secretaries, and entry fees paid, by the closing date stated on the entry form. This will be no later than 21 days before the event or, in the case of the Club Championship Blocks, 21 days before the date of Block 1.  No late entrieS will be accepted, Entry fee is £2.50 per event.  A SWIMMER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SWIM IF FEES HAVE NOT BEEN PAID.

2    Swimmers must be fully made up members of Tewkesbury Swimming Club by the entry dates in Rule 1.  A fully made up member is a swimmer who has paid their current annual club membership fee, current ASA fee and has paid regular monthly squad fees up to the date of swim.  These membership conditions must be met in order for the club to comply with terms of the ASA Licence which governs our Championships. (The ASA licence does not allow any swimmer to swim as a guest).

3    Swimmers who have completed their trial must also be fully made up members by the entry dates in RULE 1.  A swimmer who is still on trial will not be able to swim as they are not a member of the ASA.

4    Masters swimmers may enter the championships if they are fully made up members by the entry dates in RULE 1.

5    An Academy swimmer will not be able to swim as they are not a member of the ASA.

6    Lanes will be allocated for each swimmer in each event based on current personal best times or by the club coaches where such times are not available.

7    All events will be ‘declared winners’, determined on times, ie no finals.

8    The age group categories for the Club Championship Blocks is 8 and under, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17-24, 25 years and over.                                                                                  

9    Medals will be awarded at the end of each championship block to those swimmers finishing 1st to 8th place in age group categories 8 and under, 9/10 and 11/12 years and 1st to 3rd place in age group categories above.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sprint (50m) Events

Medals will be awarded to those swimmers finishing 1st to 3rd place in all age group categories.    

10   The age of a swimmer is at the date of December 31st.t                                                                                      

11    Swimmers will gain points for places in their own age group of the 100m events, these age groups are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-24, 25 years and over.  Points are awarded as follows: 6 for finishing 1st down to 1 for finishing 6th for each individual event NOT FOR EACH HEAT.  Those swimmers gaining the most points in their age group at the end of the Championships will receive an age group cup/trophy, which will be presented at the Annual Presentation Evening.  A swimmer will only receive a cup/trophy if he /she has entered and swum ALL five events in their age group.  

12   Points for the OPEN SPRINT TROPHIES are awarded as follows:  6 for finishing 1st down to 1 for finishing 6th for every open sprint event.  The person (male/female) with the most points will receive the overall sprints cup/trophy at the Annual Presentation Evening.  Swimmers must have entered and swum all four events to be eligible for the cup/trophy.

13  Open long distance events will be held throughout the year, at convenient times, as required by the Head Coach.

14  In the case of the Open Long Distance Championships, events are as follows:  200m Freestyle, 200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke, 200m Butterfly, 200m IM, 400m Freestyle, 400m IM, 800m Freestyle, and 1500m.  First, second and third places in each event will be decided on time and awards will be made to both boys and girls at the Annual Presentation Evening.  Entry in to the Open Long Distance events is at the discretion of the coaching staff.

15  Only swims which take place in the respective race on the date of the competition will be considered to be valid for the championship of that event.

16   All trophies are the property of Tewkesbury Swimming Club and must be returned to the club immediately on cessation of membership.  Trophies will not be presented to swimmers who have left Tewkesbury Swimming Club but their names will be engraved on the trophy.  Trophies for the runners-up in the 8-12 years and the 13-16 years age groups are awarded to the boy and girl in these age groups that have the next most points.

17    Previous winners of cup/trophies must return them to any committee member when requested, in order to allow time for them to be engraved for the next winner prior to the presentation evening.

18    Any times recorded by a swimmer after the closing date of the Club Championships will not be taken into consideration when seeding events.

19    Where a swimmer has dual membership, in order to be eligible to receive a trophy or be awarded a Club Championship Record, the swimmer must have Tewkesbury Swimming Club listed as their main club and place of training.

May 2017