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Tewkesbury Swimming Club (TSC) is dedicated to coaching children to become excellent swimmers who can, if they wish, compete against others. Training takes place in the two pools at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre and at Tewkesbury Secondary School and is a mixture of technique, stamina and fun. We are a friendly club with a great work ethic and strong team spirit who enjoy ourselves.

The club’s younger swimmers gain confidence from structured coaching in line with ASA guidelines. They have opportunities to race in a friendly regional league with support from the club and parents. Our elite swimmers excel at county and national events and regularly compete at some of the UK’s premier swimming venues.

Although the club has a good history of producing strong and confident swimmers, progress ultimately depends upon enthusiasm and ability. However, we would hope that a swimmer will train with us and achieve a level of success that they can be proud of. 


The benefits of swimming

Healthy people are said to be better achievers, so participation in a sport may well improve a child’s academic levels and performance. Swimming improves performance at other sports because it aids stamina, strength, flexibility and co-ordination, especially in rugby and football. Professional sportsmen/women include swimming in their training. Swimming is a unique sport – even if you don’t like other sports, swimming could be ideal for you. Give it a try!

Healthy bodies

The club take a ‘joined-up’ attitude to sporting performance and healthy lifestyle by offering advice on appropriate food and drinks for active sportspeople.

The swimming year

The swimming season is much like an academic year: it has a lull over the summer and fires back into life in September. We don’t stop training over the summer, but there are no organised events to compete in. From September to July our sessions take place six days a week, giving ample training opportunities.

Social events

We organise events that offer swimmers, their friends and relatives the opportunity to socialise in non-swimming environments.

Opportunities for volunteers

Those who enjoy club life are welcome to help in a voluntary capacity. We have volunteers who coach, judge, time-keep and help with administration duties. It’s a great chance to learn new skills, help a club grow, benefit the community and make new friends.

Come and see us for yourself!

The club is always keen to recruit more swimmers and we make this easy for everyone by offering trials and special offers. This gives ample opportunity to experience the potential health and sporting benefits of a fun activity with other like-minded swimmers before committing to a longer term training plan. If you have a question, please fill in the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

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